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Momit Smart Thermostat is Wi-Fi so you can connect to your home network directly. It´s so easy. You won´t need anything else, Momit will take care of you.


Through its geolocation system momit Smart Thermostat knows when you're away from home and turns off the heating automatically, avoiding unnecessary consumption. Start saving!


Momit Smart Thermostat has an intelligent Ambient sensor that allows you to detect whether it is day or night, or if any change occurs in the intensity of light. Based on that, it optimizes your heating system. Now you can save while you rest.


With its presence sensor, momit Smart Thermostat detects when no one is home, turning off the heating after a designated period of time. Forget your worries, momit Smart Thermostat cares for you and helps you save.


Control the temperature of your home, wherever you are, either from your mobile phone or from the thermostat
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