Manufacturer: FIS® NISSHA

CO2 Monitoring Modules

Metal oxide semiconductor type CO2 sensor: SB-AQ6A
CO2 and cigarette smoke sensor: SB-AQ6B

FIS is the first company in the world to have succeeded in commercializing CO2 (Carbon dioxide) sensors using metal oxide semiconductors (Awarded for “Technical Achievements” by the Chemical Society of Japan).
Doping Lanthanum into tin-dioxide has realized a large increase in CO2 sensitivity.
Two types of CO2 sensors are prepared: “SB-AQ6A” for only CO2 detection, and “SB-AQ6B” for CO2 and cigarette smoke detection (Hydrogen is used as a typical content in smoke.).
With these sensors, it is possible to monitor CO2 concentration in the ambient atmosphere. Gas sensitive semiconductor material is a mini bead type, a heater coil and electrode wire are embedded in the element.
This sensor can be operated with just 35mW power consumption. The sensing element is installed in the metal housing with three pins.
This sensor unit is placed in an external filter housing removing the effect of noise gases and wind.
The gas sensitivity of SB-AQ6A and SB-AQ6B. “Automatic base level renewal method” is implemented in the software which changes from the sensor output signal to CO2 concentration.

Application CO2 monitoring