Klixon® Precision Products is branch of Sensata Technologies committed to supporting engineers with high–quality, reliable, flexible, innovative expertise and products since 1956.
Klaxon® offer a huge array of custom solutions. Our quality and engineering systems — and the majority of our product lines — are ISO 9001 certified. 
Applicable products and systems are also AS9100 and TS16949 certified.
Klaxon® Precision Products standard business practice involving sales to the government (DSCC) All government sales will be made direct or through authorized Precision Products distributors only.

  Name Description
Klixon® 4344 Series

½” Disc Hermetic Thermostats -65°F to 550°F, SPST

Klixon® 4391 Series

High Capacity, Hermetically Sealed Thermostats SPST or SPDT, Manual or Auto Reset

Klixon® 6786 Series

½” Disc, Low Profile Thermostats -20°F to 350°F, SPST

Klixon® M1 and 11041 Series

½” Disc Hermetic Thermostats, -65°F to 550°F, SPST

Klixon® M2 Series

Narrow Differential Thermostats, 0°F to 300°F, SPST

Klixon® Probe Assemblies

Custom Immersion-Type Thermostat Probes

Klixon® ACMP Series

Single & Three-Phase Aircraft Motor Protectors