Airpax® 5011 Series

Manufacturer: Airpax®


Designed to meet exacting shock and vibration requirements, the Airpax™ 5011 series thermostat is a RoHS compliant, positive snap action, single pole / single throw, hermetically sealed unit.
Normally supplied with a grounded case construction, an additional terminal can be provided on the case for a positive ground lead or as an isolated device when the unit is insulated from ground.

The 5011 series can be used for temperature warning or protection.
Calibration is factory set and is tamperproof. Sensing an abnormal condition, the 5011 actuates and controls a warning light or alarm.
Such applications may include the protection of printed circuit boards, bearing mountings, air or water cooled engines and transmissions.

A custom package for special mounting is available and includes a threaded brass plug for fluid-sensing applications, aluminum adapter for bolt mounting and insulated base furnished with leads or terminals.
It can also be equipped with an adapter and spring clip for mounting on tubing with an O.D. from 3/8” to 1”.

Main Features

  • RoHS compliant per EU directive 2002 / 95 / EC
  • 1/2” disc button style
  • Hermetic glass seal
  • Ideal for surface and immersion sensing
Application Surface and Immersion Sensing



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