Airpax® 5024 EGR Series

Manufacturer: Airpax®

Custom high temperature sensor packages

The Airpax™ 5024 EGR temperature sensors provide up to 300°C temperature sensing capability in fast response stainless steel packages.

Developed for the exhaust gas recirculation market, the new 5024 EGR temperature sensors provide accurate high temperature output in the fastest responding immersion package on the market today.

Please contact GVZ Components for assistance in applying the Airpax™ 5024 EGR temperature sensors to meet your high temperature sensing needs.

Main Features

  • High temperature sensing NTC thermistor technology
  • Fast response stainless steel packages in various thread sizes
  • Lead wire or integral connector terminal options
  • Available in 150°C or 300°C constructions
Application High temperature sensing



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