Airpax® ComboSense™ 6024 Series

Manufacturer: Airpax®

Temperature sensor & thermostat probe

The Airpax™ 6024 thermal sensor-switch offers the function and reliability of a grounded case snap-action thermostat with the sensing capability of a solid-state thermistor in a single economical package.

The switch is available in temperature ranges from 40°C to 130°C, with a variety of terminal and body options.
The 6024 series is ideal for sensing engine oil / coolant or transmission fluid for overheat conditions.
Additionally, it provides a solution for engine applications where mounting holes are limited.

Main Features

  • Thermostat & temperature sensor in one robust package
  • Stainless steel or brass construction
  • Ideal for immersion sensing where mounting holes are limited
Application Engine oil / coolant or transmission fluid