Airpax® MDS2 Series

Category: Circuit Protection
Manufacturer: Airpax®

Modular Distribution Systems

Sensata Technologies provides circuit-on-demand from a pre-wired power bus. The Airpax™ modular distribution system utilizes “plug ’n play” capabilities to simplify the design of your power bus system.

The module design simplifies line/load interface, saving both money and valuable time by eliminating the need for shutdown when expanding the equipment.
Additionally, this flexible interface allows for adjacent circuits to be fused or protected, while parallel alarm conductors simplify signal wiring.

By specifying the number of protected circuits, the MDS2 can be designed to meet your application requirements.
Sensata, known for our high quality products and outstanding customer service, once again sets the standard in innovative and precision technology with our new MDS2..

  • Lightweight, space-saving modular distribution system specifically designed for flexibility in DC power distribution
  • Building-block concept allows users the flexibility to specify units in blocks of 2 positions up to 24 positions
  • Modules allow for equipment expansion without power shutdown
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically directly to the bus bar or mounting rail
  • Unique alarm conductors simplify signal wiring
  • Modular load terminals available with front or rear access
Application For use with Airpax™ IEL, IML, LEL and LML



  • MDS2
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