Sensata automotive by GVZ Components

Sensata® has been the world leader in automotive pressure sensing since 2002. In vehicles, our components are found in air conditioning systems, power steering systems, engines, fuel emission and braking and suspension systems. A pressure switch manifold made by this business senses hydraulic pressure in automatic transmissions while our occupant classification sensors help keep air bags operating safely so they can do the job they’re meant to do. More recently, we’ve begun moving into other areas such as speed and position sensing. We have introduced solar and twilight sensors, and now have a new line of high temperature sensors used in diesel after-treatment exhaust systems.

  Name Description
Klixon® SMB SERIES DC Motor Protectors
Klixon® MINI 100 Circuit Breaker
Klixon® Maxi Breaker™ SERIES Circuit Breakers
Klixon® 6AP Motor Protector
Klixon® 5AP Motor Protector