Thermal Position Pressure Airflow

  Name Description
Klixon® AT / KX Series Precision Switches -20°F to 350°F, SPST
Klixon® 2SE Series Solid-State Air Flow Sensors
Klixon® 2EP Series 1 to 35 Amps, UL Listed Commercial Circuit Breakers
Klixon® ACMP Series Single & Three-Phase Aircraft Motor Protectors
Klixon® Probe Assemblies Custom Immersion-Type Thermostat Probes
Klixon® M2 Series Narrow Differential Thermostats, 0°F to 300°F, SPST
Klixon® M1 and 11041 Series ½” Disc Hermetic Thermostats, -65°F to 550°F, SPST
Klixon® 6786 Series ½” Disc, Low Profile Thermostats -20°F to 350°F, SPST